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About Bitcoin ATMs

There are several companies developing purpose built Bitcoin ATMs and it's not always easy to tell what features each of them have. To fill that knowledge gap, we’ve created this site to provide a balanced look into the different ATMs on the market. 

Bitcoin ATMs are leading the way for Bitcoin adoption among the masses. They offer the fastest way to purchase bitcoin while maintaining the convenience you’re used to with traditional ATMs. 

Why Bitcoin ATMs?

With all the online options out there like Coinbase, Circle, etc, why what value do Bitcoin ATMs bring? It’s simple. How many times have you exceeded your daily buy amount from Coinbase? How many times have you wanted to buy bitcoin but had to wait 4 or 5 days for the ACH to clear? Why deal with those restrictions when you can walk up to your local Bitcoin ATM and buy with cash?

What about

LBC is a great service. Unfortunately there are risks to meeting someone in person for an exchange. Thousands of face to face bitcoin exchanges are flawless and safe but robberies and scams have been reported. Even with a flawless exchange, the exchange rate is typically well above that of the major exchanges. Bitcoin ATMs are also much more convienent as you know where and when they are available. 

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